Casablanca Valley

(33°19’28.5″S 71°27’27.9″W)

Type of Soil: Granite & Volcanic Clay
Distance to the Coast: 10 miles
Elevation: 961 ft
Average Temperature: 57°F
Planted Vines: 5 acres
Irrigation: Drip

Casablanca Valley’s first vineyards were planted in the 1980s during the revitalization of the Chilean wine industry. Expansion of vineyards around the industrial town of Casablanca followed, and vines now dominate the valley’s landscape, even if a lack of water for irrigation (and restrictive local laws relating to this) have delayed vineyard planting. Pinot Noir, which is responsive to the cooler climates found in this coastal area, is also grown with some success. Because it is only 30km (20 miles) from the Pacific Ocean at its furthest point, Casablanca Valley is strongly influenced by the cooling effects of the Humboldt Current, which flows up the west coast of Chile from the Antarctic.