Curico Valley

 (35°13’04.8″S 71°12’49.8″W)

Type of Soil: Clay, Sand and Granite
Distance to the Coast: 40 miles
Elevation: 784 ft
Average Temperature: 78°F
Planted Vines: 250 acres
Irrigation: Drip

The Curicio Valley is situated 185 km (115 mi) south of the Chilean capital of Santiago, the northeast portion of the Maule Region. Like the southern tip of Spain, they share a similar latitude of 35°S.  Our vineyards are planted in the eastern part near the Andes Mountains which is the coolest portion within the Curico valley.  Influenced by the Mediterranean climate this region is one of the best regions in Chile to produce consistent Sauvignon Blanc with fresh, lively acidity.