1% of Our Sales Go To Preserving Our Coastal Water Resources

We honor the ocean and its beaches as a natural habitat for our ecosystem and we are concerned about keeping them pristine, and therefore we allocate 1% of our sales to this purpose through local non-profit NGOs.

Certified Sustainable & Vegan

La Playa wines have always been farmed sustainably. The early motivation in using these green practices was easy: sustainable grapes yield clean, unspoiled, varietals. In the past several years we have extended our efforts past the vineyards to improvements at the winery and employees. The combination of these sustainable efforts have earned us the highest accreditation in Chile, “Certified Sustainable.”

Vineyard Practices:

  • We use no chemicals.
  • Our Chilean landscape, with virtually no natural pests, allows us to farm without pesticides.
  • We utilize only mechanical weed control.
  • We combat molds with natural grapefruit seed extract; repel mites with natural mineral oil; and, control invasive rodents with indigenous owls and falcons.
  • We maintain an enormous compost area for grapes skins and pulp which we use as fertilizer.
  • We use spent grape stems as covers on our dirt roads because the natural stem cellulose prevents erosion and controls dust.
  • We grow cover crops to add extra organic matter and natural nitrogen to the soils, prevent erosion, control dust, give the soil better structure to allow water and nutrients to penetrate more easily into the root zone and promote bio diversity among the beneficial bugs and worms living in the vineyard.
  • We employ water-saving irrigation practices by watering only at ends and beginnings of rows.

Winery & Production Practices:

  • We use only native yeast strains and no genetically modified organisms.
  • Our winery is naturally cooled by a water-irrigated roof, and louvers for fresh air, rather than energy consuming air conditioning. The water is recycled to a reservoir in the vineyards for to reuse in the irrigation of the vineyards.
  • All packaging leftovers are recycled, including cardboard, plastic and glass. Any small amount of hazardous materials such as batteries and glass are recycled by a certified waste management company.

Social Practices:

  • Our employees are employed full-time for a heathy work and life balance.
  • We assist in the community with donation efforts.
  • Our employees are encouraged to ride their bikes to work.