Limarí Valley

(30°38’52.1″S 71°24’38.7″W)

Type of Soil: Limestone
Distance to the Coast: 18 miles
Elevation: 400 ft
Average Temperature: 75°F
Planted Vines: 24 acres
Irrigation: Drip

The Limarí Valley is characterized by a humid microclimate due to coastal fog called “Camanchaca”, a cooling fog that creeps into the valley from the west each morning and retreats as the sun rises over the Andes and shines on the vines in the afternoon. With less than 4 inches of rainfall per year, this microclimate, combined with a unique limestone bed buried under Limarí Valley’s alluvial clay soils, is perfect for growing grapes. Lower elevation also means less shade, for the brilliant sunlight and higher temperatures promote vigorous grape growth. The wines show a very appealing flinty quality resulting from desert soil rich in minerals, calcium, and salt.